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XL Youth Coaching Philosophy

Small-sided games are the preferred method of training by professional players. All research into how young people learn about the sport confirms that the well-being of the child and the good sport of the game are served best by the use of modified games and a sensible approach to competition.

Appropriate sizes of goalposts, ball and playing field, allied to simple rules and tactics, allow for improved development within the game.
Too often, the focus within children's soccer has been the result of the game and the winning of the tournament , cup, or medal. An ethic which promotes fun and learning and measures success in terms of enjoyment as well as the fostering of skill development, is more likely to interest and motivate a young player and enhance his/her progress.

Small sided games offer children an exciting challenge, enhances development and helps promote the sport of soccer.

Technique is the foundation stone on which to build our programs. Great emphasis will be placed on developing the technical ability of all our players, in accordance to each player’s unique individual needs. Our commitment is to work with the players on becoming competent in the fundamental techniques and skills that relate directly to the demands of the game. Our program is built up in stages, where the program adapts to each individual player’s developmental requirements, irrespective of chronological age. This is the starting point – we continue building from here. 

We appreciate your enthusiasm in supporting your child during his or her games but we would like to remind you that this should not include coaching your child from the "stands." Coaching by parents from the (spectator) side may directly interfere with instructions or directions the XL Coach has given the team and may lead to confusion and split allegiances for the player. Please refrain from this and trust our judgement.

Here at XL Soccer World we strive to introduce children to the physical as well as mental skills needed to play good soccer. We want to focus on developing players as a whole and not just certain aspects of their game. We do not focus entirely on winning games, but rather on the children learning to make good decisions on the field in all areas.

Following is a list of things for parents to look and cheer for during their child’s soccer match:

-Look for the team switching the field, moving the ball from one side of the field to the other using two or more passes.
-Look for players making runs into spaces to provide passing options to the ball carrier.
-Look for players making diagonal runs for each other on the field.
-Look for players having a good first touch that moves the ball into space, away from the opponent, when receiving the ball.
-Look for the players controlling the ball rather than "blasting" it away down field with the first touch.
-Look for players getting goal side of the opponents when on defense.
-Look for players being composed and calm, especially when on defense.
-Look for players taking the ball away from pressure to find a different direction in which to control and move the ball.
-Look for players "keeping it simple" and playing the ball in the direction they are facing.
-Look for players not turning with the ball into an onrushing opponent.
-Look for players talking and communicating on the field.
-Look for defenders stepping up to support the forwards.
-Look for shots that are on target.
-Look for players anticipating situations and being proactive instead of reactive.
-Look for players making quick decisions with the ball and without. 

Parents Attending SHOULD:

  • Give positive feedback
  • Be patient
  • Emphasize good behavior
  • Be supportive of good play from both teams

Parents MUST NOT:

  • Shout abuse
  • Emphasize results
  • Use technical terms  
We at XL Soccer World try to adhere to the guidelines above to improve the quality of your experience with us, but also as a means of being very transparent in our coaching methods and the trust you have put in us.